Cherwell Valley Darts

Result Cards

Winter League 2019/20

Could all captains please ensure:

Singles = First name initial followed by surname. Where a team has more than one player with the same initial and surname, please clearly indicate which player is which. IE: If a team has 2 J Smith’s don’t put 2 x J Smith on the result card. Please put something like Jo Smith for John and Ja Smith for Jack.

Pairs = First and surname initials only. Please DO NOT put down first names or nicknames. Where a team has more than one player sgned on with the same initials, please indicate which player is which. IE: If a team has John Smith and James Stockley don’t put 2 x JS on the result card. Please put something like Jo S or J Sm for John Smith and Ja S or J St for James Stockley.

Winning teams to submit result card to Mike Paviour with 7 days to avoid points deduction 


Winter League 2019/20


Premier & Division One

Brackley Band Club A v KEA Club 

Home     Away
K Bedding 3 0 A Robins
D Muddiman 1 2 A Carson
S Gough 0 3 R Owen
G Freshwater 1 2 D Thompson
J Hughes 2 1 J Heslop
G Manning 0 3 J Thompson
D Muddiman / J Hughes W L J Thompson
G Freshwater / S Gough L W J Heslop / D Thompson
G Manning / K Bedding W L V Orrey / R Owen
 Final 9 12 Score

Rumours v Bell Brackley

Home     Away
R Pryor 2 1 O Fowler
J Grant 3 0 R Baldwin
S Castle 2 1 L Harris
R Hazell 0 3 W Booker
L Newman 2 1 D Blencowe
J Preedy 1 2 R Eisinger
R Pryor / R Hazell W L Harris / R Eisinger
L Newman / J Preedy  W L D Blencowe / W Booker
J Grant / S Castle W L O Fowler / V Baldwin
 Final 13 8 Score

Baa Baa’s v Highfield Club 


N Clark 2 1 E Andrews
M Parsons 3 0 M Paviour
C Cooper 1 2 A Digweed
P King 1 2 L Gregor
M Whates 2 1 I Gregor
D Buckingham 1 2 D Fowler
P King / P Wanless L W I Gregor / L Gregor
D Buckingham / M Whates  W L D Fowler / A Digweed
M Parsons / N Clark L W M Paviour / E Andrews
 Final 11 10 Score


 Divisions Two & Three

Red Cow v Acres Arrows 

Home     Away
 Final     Score 

Plough v Brackley Band Club B

Home     Away
B Parker 2 1 K Tustain Cullen
G Stubbs 1 2 M Stocker
M Merritt 2 1 A Garrett
K Moss 1 2 Z Thornton
M Charter 2 1 S Fraser
D Smy  0 3 M Hounslow
B Parker / L Savidge L W Z Thornton / S Fraser
J Braham / R Todd W L A Garrett / M Hounslow
M Charter / M Braham L W K T Cullen / M Stocker
 Final 9 12 Score

Shakespeare v Ex Servicemens Club

Home     Away
D Smith 3 0 S Walters
C Hinton 0 3 P Fulcher
C Smith 1 2 K Young
G Shotter 2 1 I Fulcher
D Price 2 1 A Thornton
D Thomas  1 2 S Jones
D Thomas / D Smith W L S Jones / A Spencer
C Hinton / D Price W L K Young / P Fulcher
C Smith / G Shotter W L I Fulcher / S Spencer
 Final 12 9 Score